Starters and Tapas

All are priced at £5 – Chose 4 to share as a tapas meal for £18

(All starters are served with crusty bread and butter)

Prawn cocktail served on a bed of fresh salad and dusted with paprika.

Creamy garlic mushrooms sprinkled with parsley.

King prawns cooked in a garlic and chilli butter.

King Prawns in a hit Piri Piri sauce.

Coarse Ardennes Pork Pate served with chutney and salad.

Mini crab cakes served with dressed leaves and sweet chilli sauce.

Breaded  Whitebait served with either tartar sauce or a garlic mayo dip.

Tender strips of minute steak cooked in soy sauce with chilli and garlic.

Soup of Day.